Our design and building services provide a fast, effective process for achieving the right balance of three key elements - cost, schedule, and quality. 

We discuss your goals and priorities, create a plan that addresses these three key areas, and then assume total responsibility for your project. 

Benefits of Design-Build:

1. One contract: As a design-builder, we are solely accountable for the successful design and construction of your building. North Point Builders acts as an extension of your organization, ensuring the project meets your business needs and reflects your culture. This minimizes your project risk. 

2. Integrated design: Design-build delivers intuitive building design while balancin zimage, function, quality, sustainability and cost. We will work together to determine your critical project components, and then design around your needs, avoiding costly backtracking and redesign. 

3. Speed: Delivering your project on time, as promised, is just as crucial as meeting your design and budget expectations. As the design process becomes more efficient, so does the scheduling and execution, resulting in a faster, more reliable delivery.