Three projects in one: Construction of a 15,000 SF classroom addition, a 2,000 SF cafeteria addition, and a 3,000 SF multipurpose addition and connection corridor. Work, performed while the school was fully occupied, involved coordination with students, parents and staff. Strict fire egress and public safety standards were maintained to satisfy all stakeholders. Other obstacles included coordinating with bus schedules and other daily and specialized school schedules. Fallston Middle School was originally constructed in 1990 in response to the increased population that was entering Harford County during the late 90's. The growth of the area has continued and the School Board found that the existing school could not handle the ever-increasing population. The resulting project involved the creation of a two-story classroom addition and connecting corridors to link two end corridors built in the original design. A new Gym (multi-purpose building) was added to the school, and the expansion of the existing cafeteria was also a part of the project. The project was completed during the school year, so the facility was in constant use by teachers, staff, parents, and students. The project was complicated as the school has multiple exterior teaching pods that required full-time access during the school day. Consequently, the construction activities had to be sensitive to these pathways of young children and others.