Frederick County Public Schools


Bushey Freight Morin Architects

Green Building:


Green Building LEED Certification Level:

Pre-Engineered Building:


Construction Task:


Contract Type:

Construction Management

Project Manager:

Roy Cook

Project Superintendent:

Greg Lee

Project Estimator:

Roy Cook

Project Size:

25000 SF
2 floors

Project Value:



Oakdale Elementary School was constructed in 2000. The original school was 50,000 SF and contained most of the major components of a new Elementary School teaching program spaces. However, funding prevented the construction of one of the key components to a elementary school curriculum. The school needed additional kindergarten, preschool and added classroom facilities to accommodate the growing population of the area. The resulting project involved the creation of a two story classroom addition with connecting corridors to interconnect the new wing and the existing building. The project included multiple phasing to integrate the new addition into an occupied school environment. The students continued to use the school building and grounds during the project. The construction consisted of masonry bearing walls with steel framing and decks and concrete floors. Punched windows and upgraded school interior finishes were incorporated. Custom Cabinet work was design and installed to the classroom and teacher work spaces,