Baltimore County Public Schools


Rubeling And Assoc.

Date Completed:

December, 2008

Construction Task:


Project Size:

60000 SF
1 floors


Pikesville Middle School was constructed in 1956. The original school was 45,000 sf and numerous additions made to increase the building to over 65,000 SF. As part of an on going Middle School upgrade program BCPS programmed the systemic renovation of the school for the summer of 2006. Unfortunately, the bid process was delayed and the project was not awarded until late 2006 and actually started in the winter of 2007. The term "systemic" in school construction terms means in essence tearing the guts out of the building and rebuilding back to modern day codes and energy efficient systems. Replacing entire mechanical systems, electrical systems, lighting, new classroom upgrades and generally modernizing the entire school. All of this done with the school operating per a normal schedule. The project had an extremely complex building program that required special attention to the activities of teachers, parents, staff and of course the young students all of whom were with in a few feet of construction activities. The Project required an eleven phased construction schedule to break the school into modules that facilitated the renovation in blocks that allowed the complete destruction and reconstruction of an area while maintaining normal operations in the other areas of the school. This was especially difficult to maintain Mechanical and Electrical Systems that traveled through the renovated areas to other parts of the building. As the entire Mechanical Penthouse areas were going to be totally gutted and rebuilt with new equipment air handlers, exhaust systems, new controls and related electrical support, the builders had to understand when old systems could be removed and new systems activated. All existing spaces had to remain under environmental control. This was accomplished In order to facilitate the renovation effort, a temporary classroom trailer park was created in the north parking lot. At 90 day intervals the contractor picked up 25 classrooms worth of furniture, books and other materials and moved them to the temporary complex while relocating the students and teachers that were housed in the trailers to their newly renovated classrooms. This was all done on weekends and there was no interruption to the teaching programs.