Carrol County Public Schools

Date Completed:

September, 2010

Construction Task:


Contract Type:


Project Manager:

Roy Cook

Project Superintendent:

John Sibiski


The Project won Project of the 2011 Project of the year honors from ABC Baltimore In the 1960's the Public Education System determined that classrooms should not have walls but, rather open spaces that allowed the natural light and sounds of surrounding teaching areas to flow effortlessly through the building allowing all to benefit. After years of noisy adjacent classrooms driving both teachers and students crazy, the School Board finally abandoned this idea and instructed the local school systems to enclose the rooms attempt to gain teacher's sanity back in the class room. The result of this directive was finding ways to perform these projects in active schools some that were over 50 years old. The Westminster ES project was one of these challenging projects that required the builder to start at a point on the 60,000 SF floor plan and work their way around the school in an organized phased process to complete areas for use then move to the next area. The project also required bringing a new water service and fire protection Sprinkler system to the aging facility. The project involved creating temporary classrooms on the exterior of the main building to accommodate the displaced students and staff during each phase. The program required complete demolition of each area back to the originally structure and rebuilding with modern M/E systems. Fire Protection, new finishes and casework . The project required careful planning, detailed schedule creation, and intense monitoring of deliveries and installation times to maintain the phase schedule. The project Team became a very close group that included the Design Team the CCPS Project Manager, the contractor office and onsite staff and the most important person the Principle and teachers. The schedule was followed faithfully and the relationship between the contractor and school staff was unbelievable.