Liberty Road Volunteer Fire Company, LLC


Manns Woodward Studios

Date Completed:

August, 2012

Contract Type:

General Contractor

Project Manager:

Greg Marks

Project Superintendent:

Dennis Lowe

Project Estimator:

Roy Cook


Liberty Road Volunteer Fire Station has been protecting the Randallstown Community for over 100 years. This active Volunteer group processes 100's of calls per week at all hours of the day and night. Over the years the engine Company has grown in size and types of equipment needed to facilitate fire fighting, traffic accidents, and paramedic activities. Several additions were made to the building over the past many years to accommodate that growth. Unfortunately, a lack of funds in recent years did not allow the Fire Company Board to keep up with maintenance. This resulted in the building envelope falling in to disrepair. The Fire Company solicited bids for the projects and after an extensive bidding process North Point Builders was awarded the project. The project consists of replacing all the exterior windows, installing an EIFS board and finish system to the entire perimeter and replacing and repairing the existing multiple roof systems. The project was completed while the Fire Company continued all functions and maintained a regular daily Station agenda. There were no interruptions to these activities during the course of the project. Working round and active Public Emergency Facility such as a Fire Station provides the Construction Contractor's challenged with the coordination of numerous issues and problems that makes renovation of a building of this magnitude go together smoothly. The construction team had to perform the project in a manner that would ensure the schedule was met while preserving daily school activities and always providing maximum usage of the facility during emergency events. This project was ongoing during the heavy wind blasts of the summer. The construction team had to work in and around Fire Department staff and personnel while they maintained their protection of the public uninterrupted. The contractor also had to install a completely new roof system through out the building again with out interruption to the Fire Company's process. The windows were also replaced.