AA Urology LLC


The Weems Creek Medical Facility located in Annapolis, Maryland is populated with multiple Physician ,Medical Specialists and Laboratory Practices. This two story multi building , multi tenant spaced facility is extremely busy and has many users and clients. These clients range drastically in age and degree of illness and health. The managing partner of this facility is also the successful managing partner of his medical practice, Anne Arundel Urology. The existing practice occupied two portions of the building on two different floors. The practice has grown over the years to a point now that twelve doctors and staff are required to support the clients. The need to enlarge the space plus add needed Procedure rooms and a fully functioning operation room became acute. The resulting program required a complete demolition of each area back to the originally structure and rebuilding with modern M/E systems. Med-Gas systems, new emergency power Generator system, new Finishes and furniture. The project required careful planning, detailed schedule creation, and intense monitoring of deliveries and installation times to maintain the phase schedule. The project Team had to work together very closely to ensure that the existing practice maintained operation plus keep all other surrounding practices up and running as well with out interruption. The schedule was followed faithfully and the facility maintained operations with out major problems