Date Completed:

August, 2009

Construction Task:


Contract Type:

Construction Management

Project Manager:

Ken Wingate

Project Superintendent:

James Becker

Project Size:

7500 SF
1 floors


The Peart Hannon Group is an information management company that has been expanding their business over the past few years. The company lead by Mike Peart and Ben Hannon has seen exponential growth which has resulted in additional employees and consequently less room in their original offices. As a result the owners decided to purchase an office condo that is part of the Clover Leaf Business Center in Millersville, Maryland. The single story office was originally the home of a child care center. The space had kiddie rooms and toilets all over the place. The Mechanical and Electrical Systems were old but useable as determined by the M/E designers. The project required involved the entire retrofit of the existing space which was about 10,000 sf. The client had very high standards of design they wanted to meet. However, they had a budget to meet as well. This resulted in an arrangement that involved the owner and contractor to look at various ways to produce a quality product and at the same time cut money from the budget. The biggest part involved an add alternate to replace the existing mechanical units. As it turned out, not only were the units damaged beyond repair, the duct work was discovered to have never been filtered. Considering the high level of computers that are used in the clients business, the duct work was rendered unusable. The contractor worked with the mechanical subcontractor to develop a complete new design that was installed at the same price for the nit replacement. This has been a real benefit to the owner. Other finishes were all selected by the owner and many were selected with cost factors a part of the decision making process.