Rusty Scupper


Hord Coplan Mack


The Rusty Scupper Restaurant was originally constructed circa 1978 in the then renaissance period of Baltimore's Inner Harbor. The Inner harbor pavilions ,World Trade Center, and Aquarium were all prominent projects being constructed at the time. Some thirty years later the facility need a face lift to change the interior image and change some of the functions of the multi-level facility. The resulting project really was a series of projects that began on the third floor upper level bar area and ended up all the way down on the entry level through the main entry right back to the employees locker room area. The only areas not renovated was the main kitchen The project was programmed and designed to replace bars, flooring seating arrangements added floor construction, structural Timber construction ,refinishing and bathroom renovations (one at a time) The trick was how to do the complex work in a way to allow the project to proceed and get accomplished but also allow the facility to continue to service their many lunch and dinner clients and keep there group programs going This was accomplished by working the job in the so called Grave Yard shift in the wee hours of the night. There was a daily schedule of accomplishments that had to be met. The Managers of the facility were briefed on what happened every day so they could work around any area and continue to serve Materials and equipment were brought in on an as needed basis. Early morning work and weekends were common scheduled events. Our hats go out to the craftsman and their families for their sacrifice of proper sleep during this intense series of projects The bathrooms were small and it was a real challenge to have five trades all working in every corner to get work completed before the sun came up that day