What makes a good partner?

Success depends on having highly trained people working in a predictable, effective process. 

North Point Builders hires and extensively trains the very best people in the industry, and we've created proven and effective internal processes to make certain that everyone understands their role, your expectation and your �vision of your project. 

We are known for asking more pointed and detailed questions than most firms do early in the process - so you don't have to face tougher questions later on


With a proven track record of more than 500 projects under our belts, our clients trust us to listen, understand and   execute. We have the means, experience, know-how and the talented people to deliver on large, challenging and unusual projects. 

We maintain an open line of communication with clients through every step of our planning and execution process, and make meeting schedules and budgets a priority. This is the way we do business.